Flesh - Black Rider

Название:Black Rider
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Текст песни Flesh - Black Rider

Who you are
One nation under a thug and bullet scar
Young nation no revolution and no causeOne nation young black and dangerous by far
Young nation just trying to get this

Murderous mind state
Can't keep my 9 straight
Sippin' on this Hennessy, waiting for the time to break
Show up and motherfuckers bow down, recognize
Westside, Death Row, Outlaw ridaz
Untouchable mob of pistol packers
Well-known felons labeled for 'drug-selling merciless jackers'

Forever buzz, roll with thugs and dogs
Commence the letting off rounds, then escape in the fog
Who wants to see me solo?
Catch Makaveli while he sleeping,
My Mini-14 murderin' niggas while they creepin', uh

Duck or you ass out
Drink 'til you pass out
Ain't scared to die, drunk driving in my glass house
Niggas is under me
They bitches come to me
They heard the stories nigga, now they wanna really see
Bomb first, my motto, it's fully guaranteed
Niggas is playa haters, label them my enemies, I'm dumpin'

Who you are
One nation under a thug and bullet scar
Young nation no revolution and no cause
One nation young black and dangerous by far
Young nation just trying to get this

When it's on, I'm poppin' off every chance I get
Out the window on some uptown anthem shit
I'm stressin' but ain't no pressure here, I been there before
Fugitive, task force, at my girlfriend door

Now they checkin' in her bedroom, I ain't there
.40 cals, extended clips, still, I ain't scared
Outlaw, and best believe they won't take me alive
I'm different and I'ma prove it if it take me to die

Knew that God had a plan for me
But he won't be layin' up in my casket or doin' life in the can for me
Maybe I'm breezy or paranoid than a bitch
Me dyin', you think I'd let them see the joy from that shit?
Walking dead, angel spend they last days by me
New Jersey giant like Dave Tyree

Young George and Jonathan Jatt, your guns clap
Mine'll go brraaatt, soldier like Geronimo Pratt
And come through cockin' the black pound
When they put twin towers up, Pac, I'm knockin' them back down
Poster child cheque, Air Force Ones with the crocodile checks
I'm supposed to wild sex

Money and murder, is all I breathe in my life
It's full of judges and chasin' enemies in the night
Through the Henny I see the eyes of the devil
G ridin' with extra boxes of bullets to the 9 and the shovel

Who you are
One nation under a thug and bullet scar
Young nation no revolution and no cause
One nation young black and dangerous by far
Young nation just trying to get this

I always thought I'd have to die to do a record with Pac
So I wrote from the perspective of a graveyard box
You end up in a box 'cause them graverobbin' bastards
Dig your grave back up, snatched you out the casket
Worms in my eyes, eating through my cabbage
The flesh to the bones, the bones to the ashes

But I'm not dead, I'm actually in a session
With the Pac keeping the shot money, progressive
They don't really want no drama, I know you're goons
That's why I keep pressure on them like a open wound
This God-given, he keep givin' me better music
So every time you hear me, my songs present improvement

Y'all can't kill me, y'all forever losin'
Songs are evolution, if I load your gun for you
And we bang it out at some other niggas you better shoot it
Don't try to lie and say you was bustin', I'm clever stupid
Claimin' you reppin' Ruthless, you got the same bullets that you had
When I loaded it for you, you never used it
The Nacirema dream get ready for execution
Papoose, Fatal and Pac, the revolution

Who you are
One nation under a thug and bullet scar
Young nation no revolution and no cause
One nation young black and dangerous by far
Young nation just trying to get this

Young nation just trying to get this

Just trying to get this

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